About us

Natural hair comes in all textures and styles and there are plenty of products on the market that help maintain curly, afro hair.

But what if you want a more sleek style?

Whether for an occasion, for work, after a run, or simply because it’s your preference?

Afro hair needs moisture, yes, but the changing humidity in the air can quickly dry out product making hair vulnerable to frizz that instantly changes your hairstyle from smooth and shiny to dry and prone to breakage.

Having often found that only by combining oils with gels helped a sleek hairstyle last all day, I created a product that could do both. 

Made with 100% natural ingredients, Ms N HairCare is a butter based product, which, combined with water and oils, provides moisture and sheen which is retained - leaving your hair moisturised and your style sleek for longer.

The pleasant, refreshing blend of oils will add a sensual experience to your haircare routine, which will provide nourishment for your hair, making it soft and easier to style.

All of this good loving on your hair will make it easier to grow. Allowing you to enjoy strong, shiny, healthy hair.

How to use for best results:


Moisturising Styling Serum

1. Apply daily, and comb/brush into desired style and cover hair with a scarf for 5-10 minutes.

2. Apply to whole hair after washing and air dry/blow dry/straighten for sleek, shiny hair.

3. Apply after using moisturising hair cream post workout/run and brush for a quick, sleek style.



Beard Oil

1. Apply 3-4 drops or according to hair length after washing face and massage into hair to enjoy a soft, moisturised beard, all day long. 

2. Bask in the refreshing and soothing scents of peppermint and lavender to start your day well. You deserve it.



Moisturising Hair Cream

1. Apply liberally on damp or dry hair, before bedtime and braid hair into four sections. Cover overnight for soft, moisturised hair that is easier to style in the morning.

2. Use daily as a leave in conditioner before applying the moisturising hair serum. Style as   usual.


Scalp Oil

1. Apply sparingly to dry or itchy scalp when needed for moisture and relief.

2. Section hair and apply to scalp after washing, whilst hair is still wet and gently massage. Use the moisturising hair cream and serum before blow drying, styling or covering for air drying.